About us

ISR Trans is one of the leading freight-forwarding companies in Russia, specializing in services for transportation of liquid petroleum cargoes by rail transport.

Our customers are the major enterprises of the fuel and energy complex and the industrial sector of the economy of the Russian Federation, with which the company is associated by means of long-term contractual relations.

In our effort to meet the needs of our customers and on the basis of primacy of the principle of stable partnership, we conduct a flexible pricing policy and offer high-quality- and reliable services combined with advanced logistics schemes and technical capabilities.

The company has a fleet of universal and specialized rolling stock totaling 20,000 units and other transport assets that help us to offer our customers a single logistic service, including rail transportation to the port, transshipment and sea transportation of goods.

The geography of our activity covers the territory of the Russian Federation, the Baltic countries and the former Soviet Union countries. We operate on 10 of 17 railways of Russia, transporting fuel and energy goods to the domestic market and for export: to sea ports and border checkpoints.

In order to improve the quality of our services, to raise the level of rolling stock management and the speed of response to customer requests and in order to expand the area of our ​presence, we have established a network of representative offices of the Limited Liability Company “ISR Trans” in the cities of Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Vologda and Krasnodar, and our freight offices, in the cities of Orsk and Saratov.

Trusting us, you invariably obtain a high level of service, custom-tailored approach, a guarantee of safety and security of goods throughout the entire route!