1 April 2019

On April 1, a meeting was held between RAILGO Chairman of the Board Rakhman Khalilov and the Acting Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov on the occasion of RAILGO’s legal address relocation to Ufa, Bashkortostan and the company status as one of the main tax residents in the region. The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Board of RAILGO Svetlana Erokhina and Members of the Board Roman Kurdyumov and Oleg Yatsenko.


25 March 2019
On 25.03.2019 the Board Chairman of RAILGO, Rakhman Khalilov has signed a contract with LLC “Modum-Trans“for 9 323 oil tankers purchase. As a result, the company's park grew by a third and amounted to more than 30 000 units. The average oil tankers age is not more than seven years.

12 March 2019

     RAILGO Chairman of the Board Rahman Khalilov joined the board of directors of the United Wagon Company, an integrated provider of services in manufacturing, transportation, operating leasing, engineering and maintenance of freight cars with advanced technical and economic features.


19 December 2018

On the eve of the New Year, I am especially pleased to share the news: Our company enters 2019 under a new name. The change in the visual image was caused, first of all, by the new positioning strategy and by the unification of several companies under the single brand RAILGO.


4 October 2018

On the basis of the results of work in 2017, ISR Trans LLC has strengthened its position in the ranking of Russia’s largest companies in terms of sales (RAEX-600). Over the year, the company rose 94 positions and occupies the 436thposition now. In the 2016 final ranking, ISR Trans ranked 530th. The growth rate of the company's sales was 33.7 %. The company’s revenues exceeded 27 billion rubles. It is worth noting that ISR Trans has joined the top five fastest growing transport and logistics companies in Russia.

The indicator that characterizes the sales volume of products (works, services) in 2017 was taken as the main criterion when compiling the rating of Russia’s 600 largest companies (RAEX-600).



1 October 2018

We sincerely congratulate our strategic partner - Russian Railways JSC - on the 15th anniversary of the company!

We are grateful to you for your work in increasing the throughput capacity of railways, the development of railway access ways to seaports. Thanks to the productive partnership with Russian Railways JSC, our company offers its customers high-quality- and reliable services on the basis of the use of state-of-the-art logistic schemes and technical capabilities, as well as a flexible pricing policy. We share common values: professionalism and responsibility, and we wish Russian Railways JSC every success in all constructive endeavors, prosperity, stable work for the benefit of the Russian economy, and new opportunities and new prospects for its development! To the management and to all employees of the company – good health, professional and personal victories, happiness and all the best!


Rakhman KHALILOV, the Chairman of the Management Board of ISR Trans LLC 


24 September 2018

The main sports event of the country - the Moscow Marathon – took place on September 23, 2018 in Moscow. ISR Trans was Partner of the race, calling for always moving towards perfection!

Rakhman Khalilov, Chairman of the Management Board, and Roman Kurdyumov, Member of the Management Board, have covered the distance of 10 km in the individual competition.


30 August 2018
On August 30, the management of ISR Trans LLC headed by CEO Rakhman Khalilov took part in the inauguration of the hydrocracking complex which completes the main stage of upgrade of the Orsknefteorgsintez JSC, part of Mikhail Gutseriev-owned Safmar FIG. ISR Trans is the general freight forwarder of all the company's products.

1 August 2018


Let me congratulate you on the occasion of our professional holiday and express a profound gratitude for your honest and persistent work!


29 June 2018

"Tanks" Go on the Offensive

 - Mr. Yatsenko, why did your company begin to increase its own fleet of container flatcars for the transportation of tank containers, while, according to assessment of experts, the railway infrastructure for their maintenance is not enough on the network currently?


25 April 2018

     From April 17 to 19, TransRussia-2018 exhibition, Russia’s largest exhibition of transportation and logistics services and technologies was held in Moscow with great success. ISR Trans took part in this exhibition as an exhibitor for the first time. Over three busy days, the ISR Trans booth had been visited by many interesting guests from the company's old and new customers.


21 February 2018

30 January 2018

The Chairman of the Board of ISR Trans reasons about the need of technological innovations and investments into employee training 


25 January 2018

22 November 2017

Pipeline not an obstacle

 In the conditions of tough competition between the railway and pipeline transport for oil products, RZD JSC (Russian Railways) is losing high-yield cargo. Despite the preservation of this trend, the decreasing quality of raw materials during transportation remains the main shortcoming of pipeline transport. Delivery of goods along trunk oil pipelines has indeed a number of competitive advantages, but the railway has an incomparably more ramified network, correspondingly, greater opportunities for maneuver. Another significant advantage in favor of “steel trunklines” is their ability to transport all types of petroleum products. Rakhman Khalilov, the Chairman of the Management Board of ISR Trans LLC, shares his views on how the Russia-based forwarding company, which specializes in transportation of oil cargo by rail, successfully copes with current difficulties in the industry.


17 November 2017

The railway operator “ISR Trans” plans to start operating gas tank containers next year, and the Taganrog tanker fleet, associated with this company, intends to order new tankers.


16 November 2017

On November 16, 2017, the Chairman of the Board of the Limited Liability Company “ISR Trans” Rahman Khalilov visited the Taganrog Fuel Oil Terminal (TMT) to inspect the result of the work on transferring capacities to transshipment of base oils and light oil products and assessing the enterprise's readiness to work during the winter period in 2017 - 2018.


7 November 2017

"ISR Trans" LLC was among the 50 largest transport and logistics companies in Russia according to the results of the rating of the analytical center "Expert" for 2016. The rating was compiled on the basis of analysis of the company's revenues from transportation and logistics activities, handling and reloading operations, forwarding and logistics services, provision of vehicles and infrastructure for rent, etc.


1 November 2017

Every year the event brings together Russian operators of railway rolling stock, railway carrier, cargo owners and state regulators who, in an open dialogue format, discuss key innovations in the railway transportation market, their impact on the participants of the process and on the basis of a full range of opinions form a further sectoral agenda.

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